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Hell Is Other People

Gillian wants nothing more than to be left alone. Arlo can’t stand to be ignored. Two polar opposites, they’ve been tossed into a reality where they are forced to keep bumping into each other over and over again for all eternity. Can they learn to make the most of their situation or will they continue to suffer in a Hell where the only torture is other people?

The Candomble Guard Series

Trapped in Paradise

 a novelette


Clara wasn’t looking for love. She only planned on a few days of fun in Hawai’i. But when an off-season storm blows through the islands, Clara is tossed into the arms of a fire dancer who will set her world aflame.


An exclusive.

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Captain Dari Nguyen has devoted her entire life to her home community of Candomble. As Captain of the Guard, she always believed that duty and honor were more important than anything else, even her own happiness. But when a slew of disappearances and murders leaves Candomble's citizens in fear of their lives, she is forced to choose between duty and honor or protecting the people she cares about.

Anthology collection from The New Romance Cafe

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